Saturday – Tea – 01/06/19

It’s almost Saturday evening and almost time for Tea, why not come on down to Rosegrove Chippy and let us make it easier for you by letting us do the hard work. For on down and get yourself a chippy treat, we open the doors at 4PM. 55 Lowerhouse Lane, Rosegrove, Burnley, BB12 6HZ

Thursday – Tea – 30/05/19

Good evening, We are just about to open the doors to the chip shop, why not come on down and indulge yourself in some crispy battered Black Pudding with some onion rings on the side, or why not go for a classic in pudding, chip’s, pea’s & Gravy. See you soon. 4:30pm till 7pm.

Thursday – Dinner – 30/05/19

Good afternoon all, It’s almost that time again, it’s almost opening time, 11:30am till 1:30pm, come on down and get yourself a dinner time treat, why not try Holland’s Peppered Steak Pie & Chips? Or even better, add a few sides and make it Peppered Steak Pie, Chips, Peas & Gravy. See you soon. 55…